An Easy Adventure  LbNA # 65335

Placed DateJul 21 2013
LocationEast Howe Rd....988 East Howe Rd., Tallmadge, OH
Found By LemurEyes!
Last Found Jun 7 2014
Hike Distance?

This letterbox was 100% made by a 2nd year Girl Scout Brownie in Ellet. This is her first letterbox and she fulfilled her Letterbox badge! She is very proud of picking this location, even if is easy as she would say! Be sure to visit and show your support!

Ink is included in the letterbox! What a prepared Brownie!!

You will find our letterbox by heading to East Howe Avenue Park.

When you pull in, follow the drive all the way until you tennis court. Don't follow the white arrow.

Walk along the chain link fence until you find a path in the corner of the tennis court that leads into the woods on your left.

Once you walk in, look to your left for a tree that makes four. Look in one of the V's for what you seek. Don't go too far!