HOLIDAY #1 Trick Or Treat  LbNA # 65356

Placed DateJul 26 2013
LocationKilleen City Cemetery, Killeen, TX
Found By Paw patrol hess's
Last Found Jan 26 2014
Hike Distance?

Seeing that Killeen doesnt have alot of boxes. My girls thought it was fitting for us to hide this letter box here. In honor of the holidays comming up. My girls thought it was fitting for it to be a Halloween letterbox. Im sorry that Im not creative enough to carve the stamp so it is a store bought.

Enter Cemetery across from the Sonic on Rancier Road. Fallow it down and turn left and then turn right. Drive to to see the headstone with DRU on it or (Andrew Hampton). Park the car and walk to the HEART SHAPED STONE THAT SAYS "OUR LITTLE ANGEL." Then walk to the big tree to the right but behind the headstone. This tree is also in front of White's headstone but beside Vahrenkamp headstone. In the base of this tree on the back side you will find the treasure you seek. Please rehide well..If you are the first one there you will either get a trick or a treat! Please Let us know the status of this letterbox! MY GIRLS ARE VERY EXCITED ABOUT THEIR FIRST LETTERBOX!!!