The Giant's Chair  LbNA # 65367

OwnerFuzzy bunny    
Placed DateJul 27 2013
LocationStevens Point Sculpture Park Trail, Stevens Point, WI
Found By WallaWalla
Last Found Apr 16 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 10 2015

Head over to the parking lot of Zenoff Park and the Sculpture Garden. In the southeast corner of the lot start following the trail. At the "Y" turn right, following the sign to the sculpture park. Go over the bridge and walk under the horizontal tree.continue walking on this trail admiring the art but keep an eye to the left for a giant's chair. Once you find it stand directly behind it and walk 9 paces away from the chair. To the left you will see a large maple, inside is your prize.

Make sure to rehide so it is not visible.