Anne's XLnt LXth Birthday  LbNA # 65404

OwnerMerlin and Ardea      
Placed DateAug 1 2013
LocationBloomington, MN
Found By enjoinder
Last Found Jul 2 2016
Hike Distance?

We're placing this box to celebrate our friend Anne's birthday this month--you know which one!
Start at the Visitor Center in evreseR karP ekaL dnalyH.
With the large play area fence uphill on your left, take the paved trail along the lake.
When you get to the picnic deck on your right, follow along the lake, with the lake on your right and the large sloping picnic area on your left.
At the start of the Lake Trail, you'll pass signs for Wellness Stop 1 and the Lake Trail 2 post.
Take the woodchip trail a short distance as it loops around the bay.
Soon you can look across the water and see a fishing/canoe dock directly across the lake to the west.
Take the dirt trail on your right, at the base of the small hill, and proceed 55 steps.
At the Y, take the left trail up a gentle hill. Go 20 steps to a T. Take the left trail for 24 steps.
10 steps on the left, notice the downed trees.
Look under the larger, nearer downed tree, where it meets the adjoining tree. Look under the wood chunks.
Hum a verse of "Happy Birthday" while you stamp in and carefully re-hide the box.