Presidio San Marcos de Neve  LbNA # 65429

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateAug 3 2013
LocationAt Historical Marker, San Marcos, TX
Found By Silver Eagle
Last Found Dec 29 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 20 2015

Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Microbox: 10 yards

**** Part of the Other Forts of Texas Series *****

The Presidio San Marcos de Neve was located south of present San Marcos, along the San Marcos river. Recently the outline of the original post has been identified from aircraft, and may have been just across the street from the Historical marker. Another marker at the site talks about Zebulin Pike expedition, and if very interesting read. Here is a history of this Spanish fort:

In 1689, Spaniard Alonso de Leon led an expedition from Mexico to explore Texas and establish missions and presidios in the region. De Leon's party helped blaze the Camino Real (later known as the Old San Antonio Road), which followed present-day Hunter Road, Hopkins Street, and Aquarena Springs Drive (the route later shifted four miles to the south; it is now followed by County Road 266, known locally as Old Bastrop Highway). De Leon's party reached the river on April 25, the feast day of St. Mark the Evangelist; the river was thus named the San Marcos.[5][7]

In 1755, San Francisco Xavier de Gigedo presidio and the missions San Francisco Xavier de Horcasitas, Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, and San Ildefonso were relocated from present-day Milam County to the San Marcos River at Mission San Francisco Xavier de los Dolores. Historians still debate whether the Spanish settlements were located at the San Marcos Springs or another location. In January 1808, a small group of Mexican families settled at the Old Bastrop Highway crossing of the river, and named the settlement Villa de San Marcos de Neve.[8] The settlers were plagued by floods and Indian raids, and the settlement was abandoned in 1812.[9]

From San Marcos and I-35, take Hwy 80 toward Luling. In about 2 miles you will reach light for Old Bastrop Highway. Go right and go a few miles until road cross the river. Continue across and up other side for about 100 yards, then pull off on right at stone Historical Marker.

To the Microbox:
Read all 3 markers, then return to stone one. Go behind it to barbed fence, then left along fence passing one green stake until reach rusty slanted pipe behind bush. Box is at base of that pipe, behind bush. Cover well when done.