Bird Park  LbNA # 65430

Placed DateAug 4 2013
LocationBird Park, Mt. Lebanon, PA
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In 1847 the area that is now Bird Park in Mt. Lebanon was a farm, run by a mean man who possessed magical powers. One day he acquired a new dog, Winston, to help with the farm chores. Unfortunately the dog did not obey him. Eventually the farmer became annoyed at the dog and told him he would turn him into a statue if he didn’t come when he was called. When the dog failed to come, the farmer shouted a series of magic words, and, lo and behold, Winston became a statue.
That statue still exists in Bird Park. You can find it by taking the path up the hill from the right side of the parking area in the cul-de-sac at the end of Bird Park Drive, which is off Cedar Boulevard in Mt. Lebanon. Once you have found the statue, stand behind Winston and look in the same direction he is looking. You will see a stump, five or six feet high, in which the first letterbox is located.
It contains instructions that will lead you on a short trail through a lovely wooded park and will provide clues to enable you to determine the magic words used by the farmer to turn Winston into a statue. This is an excellent mystery trip for pre-teen children.