Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page My Lucky Stars  LbNA # 65504

Placed DateAug 13 2013
CountyCape May
LocationOcean City, NJ
Found By Muk-Luk
Last Found Oct 3 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 5 2015

My Lucky Stars!

My children’s Grandfather has been enjoying this Beach since he was a young boy. He would summer at the “end of the line” here in Ocean City. As a young boy he would catch the trolley to work at Shriver’s on the Boards. He pulled taffy (pre-machine days) and paid the trolley driver in taffy to get home.

We are honored to have such a beautiful place to vacation to carry on family traditions and create magical memories. We are SO LUCKY!

This box is hidden off Central at the “end of the line” between 58th & 59th Street. Walk behind the last public building on the Left. As you round the back side (passing either his or hers) sit on the bench next to the drink machine. Looking up to the sky…straight ahead is a symbol that shows us just how lucky we are…..with 50 stars to remind us. Nestled behind this structure under three rocks will be “My Lucky Stars” Box which will contain YOUR “GOOD LUCK” symbol. Please be careful as the plants surrounding this location have thorns.

This is a very public place so be discrete. Please seal and double bag items in box and replace 3 rocks on top as found. You will need your own ink pad. Garden gloves, dish washing gloves or a towel may help prevent injury. 

Be sure to look for “You’re at the Beach” a block up the road!