Hunter's Cove  LbNA # 65517

Placed DateAug 13 2013
LocationUnited States, Rangeley, ME
Found By Daytrippers54
Last Found Aug 20 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 17 2015

Hunter's Cove

This is a Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust property located north of Rangeley center, near Dodge Pond off of Main St./Route 4. From the parking lot take the red trail to the right. Continue over the boardwalks. Notice the Cedar tree that has 15-20 oval woodpecker holes. You will pass one log bench. At the pair of log benches stand on the eastern end of the southern bench and walk seven steps tot the southeast towards the exposed roots of a cedar tree. The box is below the exposed roots. It is in open view. After stamping your stamp on the booklet please put the container back where you found for those who come after you to enjoy. Enjoy exploring the other trails at Hunter's Cove. Thank You.