Reaching For The Stars  LbNA # 6552

OwnerBook Bug    
Placed DateFeb 18 2002
LocationWesterville, OH
Found By Tizzylish
Last Found Oct 4 2008
Hike Distance?

***reported found 3/26/08 ***
This box was originally placed by Floatflute and has been adopted by Book Bug 11/26/03.

Reaching for the Stars
This box is Unclaimed.
Placement date: Feb 18 2002
State: Ohio
County: Franklin
Nearest city: Westerville
Number of boxes: 1

Reaching for the Stars
Placed 2/18/02
Westerville, Ohio Franklin County
Difficulty: 1

The 4th box placed in the series: Art in Public places. To find the
area where to look for these letterboxes all you have to do is go to Once here you go to searching
oosi, you can either enter the artist name or the name of the
letterbox title under advance query. This will take you to the site
about this sculpture and where it is located. Once you find out where
to head then read the clues to find the

Kenneth S. Foltz finished this piece in 1990 and it was placed in a
park honoring America's Astronauts. There are three parks in this
area and over on Cleveland Avenue is Knight's Ice Cream, stop and try
one of their Knight sticks.

Letterbox clues: Standing looking at the front of the sculpture were
the inscription starts: " America I took star..." Stand in the second
ring of bricks (white) surrounding the sculpture (where the dark bicks intersect). Go 28 paces (1paces=2steps) at 310 degrees. Turn and look to your right. About two steps
away is a stump. The box is in the stump. Be careful the middle is completely gone.
(There is also a geocache in this park, not far from the letterbox. If you find that, go back and check your compass reading - you have strayed too far south from 310 degrees!)
You need to take your own pen and stamp pad. Hope you enjoy the area.