Cascade Stream  LbNA # 65520

Placed DateAug 13 2013
Locationnear Sandy River Town Offices, Rangeley, ME
Found By chadwickcrockett
Last Found Jun 20 2015
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Cascade Stream

This is a Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust property located off of Main St./Route 4 near the Sandy River Town offices across from South Shore Rd. Start walking on the trail from the parking lot. You will pass one picnic table then another on your right. Walk to the second waterfall and find a stump with RLHT carved into it. With you’re back to the falls, climb up the stone steps. Look for a cut out in the rocks big enough for an adult to stand in. A Birch tree and a Balsam Fir are on either side of the box. After stamping your stamp on the booklet please put the container back were you found for those who come after you to enjoy. Thank you.