Field of Corn  LbNA # 6553

OwnerBook Bug    
Placed DateJan 27 2002
LocationColumbus, OH
Found By Spoiled Rotten
Last Found Jul 9 2011
Hike Distance?

** Reported found 3/26/08 **

** Replaced with new stamp 7/13/04 **

This box has been adopted by Book Bug and the Mad Gardener 11/26/03.

Field Of Corn
This box is Unclaimed.
Placement date: Jan 27 2002
State: Ohio
County: Franklin
Nearest city: Columbus
Number of boxes: 1

Art in Public Places - Box #2
Franklin County, Ohio
Placed 1/27/02
Difficulty: 1
Please take your own stamp pad.

The 2nd box placed in the series: Art in Public Places. To find the
area where to look for these letterboxes all you have to do is go to
Once here you go to searching oosi, you can either enter the artist
name or the name of the letterbox title under advance query. This
will take you to the site about this sculpture and where it is
located. Once you find out where to head then read the clues to find
the letterbox.

Malcolm Cochran's sculpture consists of 109 concrete ears of corn,
each approximately six foot high, into the ground in even rows.
Cochran finished the piece by creating a row of text panels that
explain the history of corn production and set them among Osage
orange trees.

Parking is on the side of the road that leads to a company building.
Once you have found the sculpture go to the panel that discusses the
Osage orange trees, from here look at the tree at 295 degrees. The
tree's landmark number is 4334, in the fork of the tree trunks sits
the letterbox.

by Floatflute & Blue1 emu