Tea by the Ferry  LbNA # 65538

Placed DateAug 11 2013
LocationFerry Wayside, Lodi, WI
Found By Sea Buddha and Me
Last Found Jun 18 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 30 2015

Wisconsin's only free car ferry is the Colsac III, which crosses the Wisconsin River between Columbia and Sauk Counties. Next to the ferry landing on the Columbia County side is a wayside. Park in the wayside lot and look for the Historical Marker which was established in 1973.

The Ice Age Trail passes through this wayside, and is marked by brown posts with yellow rectangles on the top. As you stand at the historical marker and read the words, look to your right and locate the trail marker. Follow this trail to your right, walking away from the ferry and the water as you do so.

Proceed on the trail. Very shortly you will cross a road named after an Irish baby bear. As you cross the road, the trail begins to enter a wooded path. The first tree on your left at the head of the wooded path will have a yellow rectangle painted on it. Look forward on the left side of the trail to spy a tree with at least four trunks rising out of its base. Behind this tree and buried under an elevated root you will find the letterbox. Please recover with bark and sticks when replacing the box.

After finding your treaure, should you decide to ride the ferry, the following information may be helpful:

The ferry runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until ice forms on the Wisconsin River. The ferry holds 15 vehicles at a time, in addition to bicycles and pedestrians. A single crossing takes about seven minutes. Pedestrians are able to ride round trip without exiting. Cars must exit after a single trip, but may line up upon exiting for a return trip.

Additionally, if you feel up for a scenic drive and some hiking, we have placed two other letter boxes within a few miles of this box :)