Largest Sugar Pine  LbNA # 65539

Ownertrail trolls    
Placed DateAug 13 2013
LocationBetween Butte Falls and Prospect, OR
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Find the Largest Sugar Pine located in the Rogue National Forest off of Road 37 between Butte Falls and Prospect, OR.. Check in with the High Cascade Ranger district to get yourself on the right track. The Largest Sugar Pine is on maps. It is also known as the Monarch of the Forest.

Once you find the trailhead, it is an easy 400 yard stroll up to the tree. Bring along a picnic, as there is a nice table. Read the history and facts about the tree and wonder what else was going on in the world 535 years ago. After you've had your fill of facts, turn around and walk back down the trail 20 paces from the sign.

Look for a tree snag on the left of the trail. Hidden deep at the base, under some bark and debris you will find the Sugar Pine Letterbox. Bring ink and a pen!

If you have more time, find the Imnaha Guard Station and visit the enchanted spring behind the cabin.