Glamour Girl  LbNA # 65546 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerOver the Rainbow    
Placed DateAug 15 2013
LocationBoulder, CO
Found By The Woodshed
Last Found Oct 19 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 17 2015

Glamour Girl went shopping for nail polish in the Village.
Follow her steps to find the treasure.

Glamour Girl started at McGuckin’s Hardware.
She met Goldilocks there
with Baby Bear
getting tools to fix a chair.

Next door she found Little Bo Peep who had lost her sheep,
said oh well, and stopped to eat at Le Peep.

Walking by Sprouts
she heard some shouts
about curds and whey
and a spider frightening a customer that day.

There she ran into Jack (not of the beanstalk.)
They took a moment to talk.

Jack was nimble, Jack was quick,
said no more jumping over a candlestick.
Instead he wanted a rope to hop.
Invited Glamour Girl to Grandrabbits’ Toy Shoppe.

On the way she bumped into three little kittens
who had lost their mittens
and were starting to cry.
Their mother dear
said not to fear
for a store was near
from where new mittens they could buy.

At Rocky Mountain Kids
she bumped heads
with a boy eating pudding pie.
He had on his thumb
a big round plumb
with a dazed look in his eye.

He said “I’m little Jack Horner.
Go back to the corner.
Look for a girl whose brother tumbled down
She’ll have a bandage for my crown.”

At the corner she discovered a door
Leading to a store
that brought to mind
a familiar rhyme
about another Jack, this one fetching a pail
with his sister up a hill.

Inside she looked around
and found
a box shaped round.

It was there a blushing Zebra left behind
a stamp for you to find.

CAUTION: Additional hint below if needed.

Additional hint if needed:
Letterbox near spa item that rhymes with globes.