Watch House  LbNA # 6555 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBook Bug    
Placed DateFeb 18 2002
LocationDublin, OH
Found By PhishPhace831
Last Found Apr 23 2008
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**06/08/08** Pulled for maintenance. Due to planned construction in the area it will not be replaced until they are done. Whenever that is...

This box has been adopted by Book Bug and the Mad Gardener 11/26/03

Watch House
This box is Unclaimed.
Placement date: Feb 18 2002
State: Ohio
County: Franklin
Nearest city: Dublin
Number of boxes: 1

Dublin, Ohio Franklin County
Difficulty: 1

***Note: due to construction in the area this box was moved to a new location on 5/1/07. Clues have been updated***

The 3rd box placed in the series: Art in Public places. To find the
area where to look for these letterboxes all you have to do is go to Once here you go to searching
oosi, you can either enter the artist name or the name of the
letterbox title under advance query. This will take you to the site
about this sculpture and where it is located. Once you find out where
to head then read the clues to find the

Columbus artist Todd Slaughter created Watch House in 1998. Watch
House consists of a copper house situated on top of a circular Native
American-inspired earthen mound. The center of the mound is sunken
and is home to prairie grass and sunflowers, which refer to the
garden crops of the Hopewell Indians who were Ohio's first farmers.
The copper house consists of a planetarium-like domed ceiling with
cutouts of household items. These shaped light portals have a double
metaphor, the expanding universe and the changing nature of the
family in our contemporary society. Watch House stands as a symbol of
the connection between Dublin's native cultures and contemporary

Clues to the Letterbox:
Park in the recreation center parking lot and walk over the bridge to the Watch House. It is quite a unique sculpture. Stand in the doorway without the hand. Take 5 paces (1 pace = 2 steps) at 245 degrees. Then head 16 paces true north. This will bring you to the edge of the shrub line. Go four paces to the right along the shrub line. Look left. See three large flat rocks. What you seek is under some rocks at the northern edge of the northernmost rock.

The park this sits in also has a roller-blade/skateboard park.
Enjoy the area.

by Floatflute & Blue1 emu