Beach bay  LbNA # 65599

OwnerSnickerdoodle Snoopy    
Placed DateAug 20 2013
LocationGreatest park in Alex, Alexandria, MN
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Hike Distance?

Drive north on Broadway, you will pass the businesses Mike's Car Wash & Traveler's Inn. Veer right onto 3rd Avenue, drive 7 blocks, take a left at the stoplight onto Nokomis St. Then take a left to continue on this street, then take your first left onto City Park Road. The park will be in front of you, park in the parking lot. Walk to the left of the lot, pass the tennis courts and walk on the gravel road to the left. Keep going, pass the bathrooms on the right, straight down the hill you will see a shelter with white walls and blue railings. Before you walk up it's stairs look under them on the left where the flowers and stairs meet.and there it lies

This is my first box happy to place and hope to get another one out soon