Multi-Hound Canine Collection  LbNA # 6561 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBookworm (WA)    
Placed DateNov 25 2003
LocationGresham, OR
Planted BySleepy Whippet    
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

This series has been retired. 4/20/15

Directions: from 84 east take exit 17, go right on 257th/Kane Rd follow up past Stark Street where you will see signs for the college.

*** Parts of this area are very well traveled - please use discretion when pulling and replacing boxes - thank-you***

A dog pack was restless & wanting to play,
They happened by Mt Hood Community College one day.
Little did they know, little did they think,
A dog catcher would be trying to put them in the Clink.

The dog catcher parked where dogs may want to play,
Tennis balls and hand balls couldn't make them stay.
Past all of the courts - heading towards school,
The catcher followed those dogs - being nobody's fool!

Which way did they go after they circled the tree?
Was it left? Was it right? Ahhh - right it will be.
So off down the stairs the catcher ran in a daze
don't go too fast or you will miss Haze.

#1 Haze
At the second portion of steps look left and low behind a stump hides Haze

#2 Scruffy
Now catching one dog filled the catcher with glee
Look for Scruffy's hiding place at the base of a large triple tree.

#3 Tootsie
Tootsie could see this catcher was winning the race so she ran up the trail (65 steps and left up a tiny trail) and hid under a downed log near it's base

#4 Ice
Turing before old growth and a western red on a path going south, about 18 steps down this path and beneath a mossy log lies Ice

Back on the main path after gathering the latest the catcher hurried on. When the catcher came to Jim Chittick's Memorial Rock he took a Easterly direction on the path into the woods looking for the rest of the dogs.

#5 Rex
Take the path that goes left - step high over the two logs. Just after the bend in the trail step over another smaller log - then seven steps more and look low and left behind a log.

Back on the main trail - with dogs getting sneakier
The catcher began to notice the trees getting creepier.

#6 Valentine
When you see the twin tree with a wart on the North trunk head South towards the sound of rushing water, where a schoolmarm is lifting her skirts. Valentine is around back. Return to the main trail.

The catcher began to slow down and to tire
These dogs were beginning to raise his ire.

#7 Poo
To the left of the trail is a 5 point tree, in front on the ground a log broken in three. Behind and under the center section is Poochie Cherie. Back to the main trail.

The catcher looked up & his eyes caught movement
A dog running ahead? He'd better not lose it.

#8 Brandy
At the top of the stairs circle the tree and go down the baby steps to #27. Look left and low for Brandy is hiding there.

The catcher collected all of the dogs so he thought,
and headed off to the kennel where they would be sought
To be shared with family and friends alike
who may just enjoy this short little hike.