DUCK Series  LbNA # 6562 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 22 2003
LocationHatchet Hill Rd, East Granby, CT
Planted ByChoi      
Found By Trailhead Tessie
Last Found Oct 11 2012
Hike Distance?

Placed by: Voyageur (Bob & Carolyn)

The boxes are placed on a section of the Metacomet trail in East Granby. Round trip to/from last box is about 2.5 - 3 miles.

Take I-91 to Exit 40 (Bradely Airport connector), this is route 20, continue until you reach the center of East Granby (4 sets of traffic lights), make a left on Route 187 and travel 1.9 miles. At this traffic light take a right, Hatchet Hill Rd (no sign, but a sign for "540"). Up the hill .6 miles brings you to where the Metacomet crosses the road. Park here, there is room for a few cars. The Metacomet is Blue Blazed.

Begin your journey up the hill on the south side of Hatchet Hill Rd. The trail is well blazed. You will come to a fork, the trail turns to the right, look for a "five" trunk tree, and "Bufflehead" will be hidden there. Continue on the trail up to the ridge, take a moment to enjoy the beatiful views of the Farmington Valley. The trail will leave the ridge and enter the woods once more. Look for a large rock ledge on your left, a "two" trunk tree will be on the left of the trail. "Merganzer" will be 5 steps in from the trail, under the moss covered rock. The trail continues, passing a chimney from a cabin, what a view that must have been. Further along, a fallen tree has been cut so you can walk through and not over, enabling you to continue on the trail, soon you will come to some large round rocks on the trail. At the blue blazed tree on the right, about the midpoint of the rocks, turn and walk 19 steps back the way you came. Five steps off the trail is a collection of rocks and "Mallard" lives here.

Now, you can return to your car the way you came, or if you are more adventerous, continue on the Metacomet to Tariffville, enjoying the Tariffville Gorge along the way. This route will make for quite a hike and you might want to think of having placed another car in Tariffville instead of hiking back. Also, in the area are a number of other LBs for your boxing pleasure.