Aztec-Flower  LbNA # 65632

Placed DateAug 23 2013
CountySan Juan
LocationMain Ave. & Aztec Blvd., Aztec NM, NM
Found Bykingbee
Last UpdateOct 21 2013


In the Aztec Tonalpohualli calendar, the flower symbol (xochitl) is a daysign dedicated to the god Xochiquetzal. This god or elemental force provides the tonalli (shadow soul) life energy for the day.

At the intersection of Main Ave. and Aztec Blvd., go to the northeast corner. The area is landscaped and includes a retaining wall curving around the corner. Go to the northern end of the wall where it makes a 90 degree corner. Standing at the corner, the wall goes up a tier 6 feet to your left (east). Below this point, the letterbox is beneath the wood chips and under the edge of the plastic bed liner.