One of the Best views of Lake Michigan  LbNA # 65642

OwnerEasy rider    
Placed DateAug 25 2013
LocationBender Park, Oak Creek, WI
Found By 41Vince
Last Found Aug 14 2014
Hike Distance?

Go to Bender Park and park in the top gravel parking lot on the east side. You'll see the hiking/dog path. Take the asphalt path. You will go across a bridge and back on the path. Follow it along the road but when you get to a grass path up a hill follow it. (If you get to the yellow arrow sign, you have gone too far.) Soon the grass path will turn to gravel, continue on. (The view along here is spectacular.) When you get to where the gravel path stops and the path is about to go down hill stop. Look at about a 45 degree angle to your left or 320 degrees by compass walk 16 paces or if you already see the bare tree with a trunk with two branches on its right side walk to it.
To the left of the tree is a bush with many branches coming out look into the center to find the box.
The walk will take no more than 5-10 min.

If you like more of a walk in this area, on your way back to the parking lot, cross the road and follow any of the paths through the prarie grass.

Easy Rider