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Placed DateAug 29 2013
LocationOgden Rose Library, Ogden, IL
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The Rose of Libraries

John H. and Matilda Rose had a dream for the small village of Ogden to have a library. With their help the library was established by the Village Board of Trustees and opened on April 19, 1919. The Rose Library occupied one room in the Town Hall which was shared with a doctor who visited the town once or twice a week. Later a second room for the Children's Department was added. Seventy-seven years later on April 19, 1996, the Town Hall which housed the library, was destroyed by a tornado. The Library Board applied for grants and the new library opened its doors on June 5, 1998.

The Ogden Rose Library is located near the downtown area of Ogden, IL at 301 East Main Street.
Hours: Tuesday 9 to 1 & 4 to 8 ~ Wednesday 1 to 8 ~ Thursday 9 to 1 & 4 to 8 ~ Saturday 9 to 1

Park in the front of the library and feel the good vibes -- a place that was once knocked down by Mother Nature and rebuilt by good people with good hearts in a great small town. As you approach the library notice the flag pole and the many hand prints in the cement around the pole of school children who were included in the re-opening of the library. Notice the bike racks and room for citizens to park and gather.

When you enter the library you will notice a bench dedicated to a long-time teacher in the community built by one of her former students. The head librarian is also one of this teacher's former students. There might be a book sale going on or you might see something that attracts your attention.

Once you enter the library you will face the circulation desk. Please say hello to the wonderful librarians and notice that everywhere you look you will see signs of welcome. These ladies make this library the friendly place it is with all the comforts of home. You will want to find the adult reference section of the library. Glance through the books in this section and use these clues to find the book by Cheryl Mendelson entitled:

Home Sweet _________
Feelings of satisfaction and relief =______________

Inside this book you will find the ROSE. Enjoy this find.. you might want to work on a nearby table and please be discreet. I'd appreciate it if you would stamp and sign the logbook with your trail name, the date, and your hometown. Return this book to the same spot on the shelf and record the find on and

Thank you!