Birds of Steele  LbNA # 65666

Placed DateAug 31 2013
LocationSatsuma, AL
Planted ByCamperistic    
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Birds of Steele
In order to find this mystery, you must ask a local where the “STEELE waters run deep”. When you arrive at this most magnificent place, park in the place which brings our COMMUNITY together. Look ahead, you’ll see a PATH less traveled. Enjoy a walk in the woods as you follow the proverbial YELLOW brick road, hear the birds sing, and count your MARKINGS. After #9, you’ll see a place for weary travelers to REST FOR THE NIGHT. You’re getting warmer! Keep going. When you find #2, follow in the suggested direction for 29 STEPS. Keep your LEFT eye peeled for 2 OAKS AND A PINE IN A LINE. Now you’re cooking! When you arrive at this trio, look closely at the FIRST OF THE THREE, there your treasure will be! Happy Hunting!