Enlightenment  LbNA # 65673

OwnerGiant Eyeball!    
Placed DateAug 31 2013
LocationBlunn Creek Greenbelt, Austin, TX
Found ByPI Joe
Last UpdateNov 1 2013


You will find Enlightenment along the Blunn Creek Greenbelt in the Travis Heights neighborhood. Park on East Side Drive between Woodland and Monroe. There is a path that runs parallel to the street there. If you stand on the path across from 1610 East Side Drive, you will see a wooden footbridge. Cross the bridge. On the other side of the bridge the path splits. Go to the left. You will see a small Buddhist shrine on your left. Be the Buddha. Through his eyes you will see a concrete picnic table beneath the low-slung branch of a large oak tree. Walk to the table and sit sideways on the picnic bench so you are facing the creek. Slightly to the left of center you should see a large tree on the bank of the creek. Go stand at that tree and look across the creek (and slightly right) to a large limestone boulder resting on the creek floor. Cross the creekbed to the boulder. Climb up onto a rock ledge above it. To the left of a small tree you will see several cracks in the cliff face. The box is hidden behind a loose rock in the middle crevice, about thigh high.