Together Alone  LbNA # 65677 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerGiant Eyeball!    
Placed DateSep 1 2013
Location402 El Paso St., Austin, TX
Found By Dawns Glory
Last Found Sep 2 2013
Hike Distance?

lyrical inspiration:
Together alone
Above and beneath
We were as close
As anyone can be
Now you are gone
Far away from me
As is once will always be
Together alone

Anei ra maua
E piri tahi nei
E noha tahi nei
Ko maua anake

Kei runga a Rangi
Ko papa Kai raro
E mau tonu nei
Kia mau tonu ra

Together alone
Shallow and deep
Holding our breath
Paying death no heed
I'm still your friend
When you are in need
As is once will always be
Earth and sky
Moon and sea

find the box:
Go to 402 El Paso Street (between La Mesa & Wilson) in South Central Austin. Locate the mosaic bridge on the north side of the road. The artist Stefanie Distefano of FlamingO Ranch titled this project "As Above So Below". Stand on the fish and look down into Bouldin Creek. To your right is a steep staircase of cut limestone steps leading down to creek level. Climb down those to explore the extensive artwork beneath the bridge. Now stand facing those steps you came down. The box is behind a smooth-faced rock at about eye level. It is resting between two horizontal tree roots, directly to the left of the second step from the top. Make sure nobody walking by on the street above spots you.