Flint Hills Fete  LbNA # 65691

Placed DateSep 2 2013
LocationKnute Rockne Rest Area, Kansas Turnpike, Matfield Green, KS
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Last EditedDec 22 2015

Flint Hills Fete

This is not a geocache. Please do not take the stamps in trade. Do not leave trinkets.
Bring your own ink.

The alpine vistas that awe me leave my wife, a Kansas girl, unimpressed. To her beauty is found in the long stretches of hilly grassland and range that are the Flint Hills. A fete is a celebration and when the sunflowers are abloom, it's as if nature is apartying.

The Knute Rockne Rest Area is on the Kansas Turnpike of I-35 between Emporia and Wichita. Pull in and park in the south parking area facing south. The Knute Rockne Memorial is inside the rest area but our treasure is not.

Please check to make sure people are not sitting in the cars where they can watch you while you search. A dog makes good excuse for wandering around or take a camera to take a picture of signs and the tower.

Clue: From the back of the 9,7,g,4 for b,2,u,12,9,13,14,m,p,r,a,7,r,12 look east for the p,3,4,12,5,r,12,14. At its base under 10,13,o,14.

Hint:boxname, hint=6,3,4,5.

Please not not let others see you when you snag the prize. Move over to the table to stamp in or take it to your car so as not to attract attention to the hiding spot. Please rehide exactly where you found it, under the rock and completely hidden from view. Try to make it blend in naturally by throwing some grass or pine needles on top.

Happy hunting.