Mulling Over Mulvane  LbNA # 65692

Placed DateSep 2 2013
Location 339 West Main Street, Cobb Park, Mulvane, KS
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Mulling Over Mulvane

This is not a geocache; please do not take the stamps as trade items, and leave no trinkets.
Bring your own ink.

Head south of Wichita on K-15, Rock Road or I-35. After about fifteen or twenty minutes you'll be at the exits for Mulvane. The high school mascot is the wildcat whose paw print is often used as a symbol of Mulvane pride.

The Santa Fe depot is now a city museum. Park in front, in the middle of Main Street if you like. We enjoyed our visit to the museum.

Clues. Look around Cobb Park. Go to the stationary 11,10,d,t,11,16,6,18,17,d. Face the 10,6,7,5,6,10, if there were one. When no one is watching, search under the front 11,5,7,h,t,w,h,18,18,3 behind a black curtain of steel.

Hint: boxname, hint= h,5,6,t

Try to practice stealth by letting no one see you when you snag the treasure or when you rehide it. Please take it away from the hiding spot to do your stamping in so as not to attract attention to where it's hidden. Please rehide exactly where you found it, completely hidden from view so that only those who know where it's supposed to be will ever find it.

Happy hunting.