A Happy Musical Note  LbNA # 6570

Placed DateNov 21 2003
Location???, CT
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 29 2007
Hike Distance?

A "Some-what Mystery!"
A Happy Musical Note

Planted by Butterfly with a little help from her friends..... Lobsta Lady, Steve, and a sniff from Madras

Carvings by Butterfly and Bluebird

HARK, listeN to thE StrainS of summer music still floating on the ocean breeze. Daffodils may only be a beautiful memory, but the lane is still there. Turn your back to the Mansion and stroll past the Carriage House, past the gardens that bloom in the summer. The greenhouses are but a glimmer of a glorious past life when they grew flowers for the Mansion and the gardens. When the paved Lanes come to a crossroads and you might see some of the McCann clan around, continue straight on the Lane. The stone wall on the right has noticeably tumbled in three places. At the third, the first flat stone hides a prize.

Happy Birthday Music Woman!

Best wishes,

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