Love Letterbox  LbNA # 65710

Placed DateJul 19 2013
LocationHigh Point State Park, High Point, NJ
Found By the cross-tie walker
Last Found Aug 8 2014
Hike Distance?

Love Letterbox

The letterbox is Hidden in High Point State Park. It costs 5 dollars to get into the park between Memorial Day and Labor Day and it's free to get into the park the rest of the year. Park by Lake Marcia if you want a longer hike or up by the monument for a shorter hike. Also, a compass is required to find the cache.

I planned last week to go hiking with my girlfriend up at High Point State Park. Little did she know I planted a "Letterbox" (an intriguing pastime combining navigational skills and rubber stamp artistry in a charming "treasure hunt" style outdoor quest) along the way. When we arrived, I handed her the clues, and she took it from there. For all she knew I had never been there before. Eventually, she found the hidden Letterbox and was shocked to discover that we were the first finders! She continued looking through the box contents and she found a DVD entitled, "A LOVE STORY..." still clueless I planted this ahead of time, she said, "Wow! I bet this guy proposed to his girlfriend here! I wish we brought something to watch this on!" With that, I whipped my laptop out of my backpack and we watched a slideshow of our entire relationship on DVD. As it ended, I pulled out the ring and got down on one knee. At that point she completely lost it. But through many tears of joy, she managed to answer, "yes".

You can access the DVD on youtube originally found in the cache here and relive our adventure for yourself!

Clues To Locate the Cache

-Hike toward the High Point Monument.
-Nearby the Monument is a Large map showing you the entire area.
-Sum the 13 trail length numbers inside the legend titled "Hiking Trails" on the map and round that value you get the nearest whole number. That number you just found is equal to the variable "y" in the equation below.
-Solve the equation below for x1 and x2 once you plug in your "y" value.

(x^2) - (21.6yx) +(2912y) = 0

*Hint 1: If you're not good at factoring use the Quadratic Formula
*Hint 2: If you don't get a positive whole number as your answer for x1 and x2 you did something wrong
*Hint 3: If all else fails, there is a quadratic formula solver online

-Head to the top of the High Point Monument.
-At the top look at a bearing between x1° and x2°. (Note: This bearing was taken using an IPhone Compass on the Magnetic North Setting so the bearing could be off by 10° or so if you use a normal compass)
-There will be two obvious landmarks between these bearings somewhat in line with one another. One landmark is only visible from the top of the monument (at least in the summer) and the other one is a structure that is visible both from the top and bottom of the monument.
-Head toward the closer of the two landmarks.
-Once you reach the first landmark continue walking on the rocky, road-like path until you reach the first footpath on your right. (If you run into large cedar tree like stairs you have gone too far.)
-Follow this trail which will lead you to the second hidden landmark which can only be seen from the top of the High Point Monument.
-Once you reach the second landmark, turn right and follow the path past the cabins until you reach the Stone Bridge.
-After the Stone Bridge the letterbox is hidden beyond the Large Rock Field directly in from the Blue Tree by the largest branch off the largest tree you can see.