Punk Rock Girl  LbNA # 65746

OwnerHalf Empty    
Placed DateAug 15 2013
LocationBetween Beavertail Hill State Park and Bearmouth Recreation Area, Clinton, MT
Found By Sasquatch
Last Found Aug 11 2015
Hike Distance?

--This box is located in between Drummond, MT and Clinton, MT, about 26 miles east of Missoula.--

If you're on the road that goes from Boston to Seattle, stop off and take a swim with a Punk Rock Girl in between the Bear's Mouth and the Beaver's Tail!

The water's fine! Clear and blue! Full of minerals, and fishes too!

Pay close attention to the brown colored signs; west past Bear's Mouth exit it's barely a minute's drive.

There's no safe parking if you're heading Tail-to-Mouth, with four lanes of traffic, you'd best swing back around!

So now you're past the guardrail, parked off on the west-bound's north shoulder, pull on your swim-suit and hiking boots!

Head back along the trail, through the fence and along the old roadbed to the pool.

Say hi to any bathers, find the waterfall, isn't if fabulous!

In between the waterfall and the pool is a small hill. At the peak of the hill grows a small juniper. Just beneath the base of the trunk, where the tree begins to jut into the air, move aside a stone.

Rock on, you've found her!

(Please be discrete, there are often many (intoxicated) bathers and children of all ages playing on the hill, cover the hiding place in dirt and juniper needles so it remains hidden.)