Mariquita  LbNA # 65753 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 8 2013
Location13705 Star Creek Drive, Broomfield, CO
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Hike Distance?

The letterbox is temporarily unavailable due to flooding. We have recovered the box, but the book is drenched. We will update when it is available again.*****

Trail is dog and bike friendly. No horses or motorized vehicles allowed.

Head to the south end of Star Creek Drive. There is a trail head about mid-way around the cul de sac. Park near this trail head. Head south on the trail. When you come to the "T" intersection, take a right. Follow that path until you come to a "Y" intersection. Go left at this intersection. Cross the bridge. Just before the sign on your right, there is a trail heading west toward some tall bushes. Walk down this path and go through the bush collection. There will be a small pond that is run-off from plaster reservoir. On the north (right) side of the water run off, there are large rocks. In between the 4th and 5th large rock (counting up from the small pond), there is a SPOR (suspicious pile of rocks). The rock on top of it is white and relatively triangular. Remove the rocks covering it and there is the letterbox.
There is a first finder ticket included in the box!

Bring your own ink and pen

Bring your own ink and pen.

Please re-hide where you found it. And record your find! Contact me if the box is not in good condition and I will try to replace it ASAP!