Ghosts in the Graveyard  LbNA # 65785

Placed DateSep 10 2013
CountyAlexandria city
LocationOld Town, Alexandria, VA
Found ByDC Stones
Last UpdateNov 14 2013


The Presbyterian Meeting House box is missing but the other three are all properly in place. If you've done this series before, please note that the final box is in a different location from the original.

We will replace the meeting house box shortly and update when we do.

This series covers all four historic churchyards in Old Town. Addresses and a brief historic writeup for each can be found here. Because these are highly visible locations, please be extra sneaky. Also, you'll need a trowel.
(There's only a log book at the last box. The rest are just stamps. When you sign the log, let us know if you were able to find them all.)

Quaker Burial Ground:
Now the Kate Waller Barret Library, this is the final resting place of Elisha Dick, the only doctor attending George Washington's death who actually had sound advice (stop bleeding him dry).
Walk up the steps past Elisha's marking stone and sit on the low stone wall at the edge of the bushes to the right. You'll find a tool of the doctors trade under a small slate marker.

Christ Church:
Before he died of massive blood loss, General Washington could often be found attending services at Christ Church. This Episcopal Church would later be frequented by Bobby Lee and eventually become a mass grave for 34 Confederate Prisoners of War. Enter through the East gate and walk toward Henry Hamill Fowler's headstone (US Sec. Treas.) and then find a bench on some bricks. When seated, George Washington's favorite fashion accessory is under a loose brick on your right side.

[This box is presently missing but will be replaced shortly, 9/14/14]
Old Presbyterian Meeting House:
Many of the founders and first leaders of Alexandria are under the grass behind this traditional wooden meeting house. Also buried here are James Craik, one of the surgeons that bled poor Washington dry (the bastard!) and an unknown soldier of the Revolution.
When facing the unknown soldier's tomb, to your left is the badly worn headstone of Frances Ward Law (sp?) 1792. Behind this stone, hidden by some slate, is the flag that soldier died to establish.

St. Mary's Catholic Church:
In this oldest of Virginia's Catholic cemeteries, you won't find more of those responsible for George's sad, sad fate. You will, however, find headstones belonging to citizens of Alexandria dating from 1795 to the present. Near the center of the cemetery, at the corner of two paths lies Rev. Stephens. Find the reverend's nemesis inside the right bush flanking his headstone (be gentle).