Brick by Brick  LbNA # 65791

Placed DateSep 14 2013
LocationSt. Joseph Township Swearingen Memorial Library, St. Joseph, IL
Found By Angel Winks
Last Found Aug 5 2016
Hike Distance?

St. Joseph Township Swearingen Memorial Library is located on North 3rd St. in St. Joseph, IL near the old elevator. Supporters purchase bricks that you can view in the front of the library. There are memorial bricks, encouragement bricks, and family bricks. If you are from the St. Joseph area you might recognize a name you know.

If you walk around the north side of the library you will see a pile of these bricks waiting for purchase. This is where you will find Brick by Brick. You will need to bring your own stamp pad. Please enclose stamp and logbook to the ziplock baggie and into the case. Please replace so that it is hidden from view and please neatly stack the bricks.