Snow Miser  LbNA # 65800 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerGiant Eyeball!    
Placed DateSep 14 2013
LocationDiscovery Green, Houston, TX
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Go to Discovery Green in downtown Houston. Start at Kinder Lake. Stand on the promenade with a splash pad at your back and the model boat basin in front of you. Most of the year this is a shallow pond for sailing remote control boats. If you go in December or January, you will see it has been transformed into an outdoor ice skating rink. Houston finds a way to bring winter to a subtropical climate.

Walk towards the George R. Brown Convention Center. Step up onto the covered stage. Walk down the ramp leading towards the lake with kayakers. Turn right on the boardwalk. There will be a sloping lawn along your right and the lake on your left. Walk to the first bench on your right. Sit on the near end of the bench facing back the way you came. In front of you is an emergency phone atop a concrete base bordered by holly bushes. Next to your left foot is where that base intersects the boardwalk. The box is hidden below the boardwalk at this junction. If you sit on the concrete base facing the bench, you can reach down with your left hand to find the box covered by a log. You will have to be sneaky since this is a very active public space.