Sunrise / Sunset  LbNA # 65810

Placed DateSep 16 2013
LocationBellmead, TX
Found By topcrop
Last Found Sep 21 2013
Hike Distance?

In the early 1850’s Concord, TX was on the old Corsicana Road five miles northeast of Waco. It was settled by brothers Martin, Wilson, Mark, and George Bird, who moved to the area from Concord, NC, and gave the community its name. In 1866 the Tehuacana Baptist Church of Christ was organized, and in 1872 the church was moved to the site of what is now the Concord cemetery. By the 1880s the town had a school, a general store, and a cotton gin. The church was eventually moved from the Concord cemetery site into town. By 1900 Concord was a switch on the International-Great Northern Railroad. The Concord school merged with several others to form the La Vega school district in 1924. In 1950 the church was moved into Bellmead, where it was still located in the 1980s. By 1970 the cemetery was all that remained of Concord, TX.

Directions: Go North on TX-31 E/US-84 E/Bellmead Dr from Loop 340. Turn left onto Aviation Pkwy. Continue onto Our Way Rd. Cemetery is on the right. Park at the entrance with a arched entry.

To the box: Walk east toward a large tree. Look past the tree to see a cement bench. Go rest on the bench and look around to make sure there aren’t any golfer’s watching. If all is clear, from your seat on the bench look for a nearby tree with two small white rocks at its base. The box resides under the rock furthest from the bench. Please reseal logbook well and rehide for others to enjoy. Thanks.