Grandview Heights Public Library  LbNA # 65819

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Placed DateSep 18 2013
LocationGrandview Heights Public Library, Grandview Heights, OH
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Music on the Lawn Letterbox (1)

Begin at the main entrance to the library (1685 West First Ave., Grandview Heights, Ohio 43212).

Have a seat on the bench dedicated to Lynne, a friend of the library.

From the bench, spot the brick path. Follow the path past the bike rack.

Have a seat on a bench made of wood.

Turn your back to spot a quadruple set of bushes, under a set of six windows.

Under the bush furthest from the entrance door, you will find the letterbox hidden within the bushes.

Just around the corner, you will find an outdoor stage. Every Tuesday during summer months, neighborhood residents gather with lawn chairs, food, and friends to listen to Music on the Lawn. Musical melodies echo through Grandview as local bands play favorites such as Jazz, Bluegrass, Rhythm and Blues, Irish music, or tributes to generational favorites.

Library Letterbox (2)

Enter the main doors of the library.

Go to the Youth Section in the lower level of the library.

Look to your feet to find the blue river running through the carpet.

Follow the “river” to the fish tank. (Just for fun, stop and count the fish!)

Just past the fish tank, pass through the set of doors made especially for little people.

You are now in the children’s story time area.

Admire the “Enchanted Forest” mural on one wall representing many storybook favorites.

Opposite of the mural, look for a cream colored book shelf, next to the set of doors

On the top shelf, go to the far right and reach behind the shelf. You will find a small magnetic box with the library letterbox inside.