Puzzle Box  LbNA # 65824

Placed DateSep 17 2013
CountySan Juan
LocationKirtland, NM
Found By huginn
Last Found Oct 30 2013
Hike Distance?

Along Highway 64 is the small town of Kirtland, New Mexico, long ago called “Oleo.” Why the town was named after a butter substitute? Who knows? It’s a puzzle, isn’t it?

There is one stoplight in town, and at that stoplight, drive north. Continue driving north until you spot a tiny, black bus.

A little further and across the road is a black stone entry to a place of higher learning. Follow this road to the end, turning left when the road "Tee's" off.

Park near a playful place and climb and slide or enjoy the view of the Riverview Golf Course. When you are finished playing, walk west, weaving through the scrub brush. Look for an abandoned utility pole and check the end closest to the playful place.

**Bring your own ink!
**Be cautious—kids at play!
**Watch out for stickers and prairie dog holes!
**Please close the box carefully (not to tight or it is hard to open)
**This stamp works best if you ink the stamp, then press your logbook ONTO the stamp.

“Puzzle Box” is only accessible Monday-Thursday till 9:00 PM and Friday till 5:00 PM