The Lady in Red  LbNA # 65844

Placed DateSep 19 2013
LocationDowntown, Fredericksburg, VA
Found By Hiking Vikings
Last Found May 29 2016
Hike Distance?

The lady in red is waltzing around
Somewhere deep in the ‘burg downtown
With lotions, potions, and bubbles galore
All to help you clear out your pores

Fragrant and airy the winds they do blow
Aromas flutter to and fro
Monkey farts smell oh so sweet, how sublime
She truly likes to blow your mind

Caroline street is her pavement of choice
Her name has the “burg”, now rejoice
Enter the building, the sign’s on the door
Walk to the middle, look no more

Lounge in a seat then turn yourself around
Fire below you, feet on the ground
Effervescent, her personality
Or maybe her hair tis could be

The box is there in the midst of these jars
Looks out of place amongst these stars
Be quick, decisive, divisive as well
Stamp your book and please do not tell