Thirst  LbNA # 65879

OwnerGiant Eyeball!    
Placed DateSep 24 2013
LocationPfluger Circle, Lady Bird Lake, Austin, TX
Found By screamin meemie
Last Found May 20 2014
Hike Distance?

Thirst is a temporary outdoor art installation by Women and Their Work. From September 29-December 20, 2013, you can view it from the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge over Lady Bird Lake. A lone 30' high dead tree, painted a ghostly white, appears to hover above the water surface between the Lamar Bridge and the Pedestrian Bridge, the roots unable to reach the water. 14,000 prayer flags, emanating from Pfluger Circle and extending across the bridge and down the trails, memorialize the over 301 million trees lost to recent drought in Central Texas.

To find the box, start atop the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge and look down into Pfluger Circle at the north end of the bridge. Head down the stairs behind you. At the bottom landing the stairs split. Choose the flight to your left. Go straight ahead across the path to a curving concrete wall to the left of another set of stairs leading up to a trail. Walk behind this curving wall and sit on top of a limestone retaining wall so you are facing the lake. Behind you, along the concrete wall, are some limestone blocks. Look between them and the wall for the box under some loose rocks. This is a very busy part of the trail so you'll need to be stealthy and recover well.