Never Give Up  LbNA # 65880

OwnerGiant Eyeball!    
Placed DateSep 24 2013
LocationLamar Bridge at Lady Bird Lake, Austin, TX
Found By #P5
Last Found Jan 18 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 23 2015

If you stand in the middle of the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge over Lady Bird Lake and look east, you will see a train trestle that is often the backdrop for graffiti. At the time this box was planted, the graffiti encourages you to Never Give Up.

To find the box, walk along the hike & bike trail on the south side of Lady Bird Lake to where is passes directly under the Lamar Bridge. Walk to the west side of the Lamar Bridge and look uphill. Climb up the embankment of limestone steps with the wall supporting the Lamar Bridge on your left. When you are almost to the top you will see a double-trunk cedar elm on your right. Sit on the stone step nearest the tree. You will be facing the lake. If you look over your shoulder you will see the Zach Scott Topfer Theater. On the uphill side of the tree is a stone cemented on its end. Look beneath it for the box. Be sure to recover well with loose rocks. There are 6 stamps that live in this box.