Placed DateSep 28 2013
LocationThird Ward, Milwaukee, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found Jun 15 2014
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Note to Rookies: Before setting of on this journey, please review the information here:


Whenever we traveled, we always loved to find the most interesting walks. This was one of our favorite haunts in a city not too far away from our beloved Chicago. Our story begins at the riverfront in the third neighborhood of Milwaukee.

Behind the bar and grill on Erie Street where pizza is celebrated there lies a wooden tale so long it takes blocks to see and a 141 years to tell. Start your journey at the first railing of the boardwalk and stroll 15 steps. Scan the history beneath your feet and find the date when the forerunners of Milwaukee's police department were engaged. All good cops take notes. Write down the full date as you'll need it later.

This marvelous boardwalk tells many stories and you'll find more and more of them as you continue down its path. Milwaukee has a diverse and interesting history. While citizens felt the need to organize watchmen it wasn't until much later that a formal police department was formed. It took almost nine years to organize and patrolmen were paid $30/month! Find this date and don't forget to write it down.

What's a police department without a Chief of Police? Find Bill's celebrated date and write it down.

I can't imagine being Chief of Police is an easy task for anyone. Six years later Bill resigned. Once again, find this date and write it down.

Truly a man's job is never done and two years later Bill is back as Chief. Don't forget to write down the date.

It was not easy being a cop in Milwaukee in the 1800s. Let's see how things fared in the next century. Continue your journey down the boardwalk past the turn of the century and into the era of disco.

123 years after Bill was appointed Chief of Police, the life of a policeman seems just as strained and difficult. Harry runs a tight ship rejecting proposed rule changes for his staff. Write down the date.

During this time period Milwaukee wrestled with race and upheaval. A year after Harry rejects rule changes a former Milwaukee policeman kills a young black man and plants a knife at the scene to justify it. Sadly police corruption, a topic I am very familiar with, is not new. Please write down this date.

In an effort to "take back" a feeling of security, the community organizes. Write down this date.

Continue to the end of the boardwalk past another place of revelry. When the boardwalk ends turn left and continue past the modern sculpture of light (best viewed at night) and towards its historic counterpart, another celebrated structure of light. Keep strolling along until you have arrived at this famed structure where so many sailors looked for this beacon of hope.

Your journey is not over. To your left lies the land of festivals and the shores of a lake beyond. Follow the path to this hidden gem of a state park at the shores of the lake. Find the sign marking this place.

Now comes the fun part. Remember those dates? Transpose each of them into numbers and add the digits together. For example, May 29, 1848 = 5/29/1848 = 5+2+9+1+8+4+8 = 37. Do this for all eight dates. Take all eight sums and add them together. Now subtract 133.

Standing at the sign marking this park at the shores of the lake, take a bearing using that number. If you don't have a compass, many smartphones have a compass app you can download; or you can do it the old-fashioned way. Find north (0 degrees) and turn to the south (180 degrees). From there determine the bearing, keeping in mind a compass reading is really just a circle of 360 degrees.

See that there? Fifteen steps away, in the back there, you'll find what you've been looking for. Every good mystery deserves to be solved and this one is no exception. And to reward you we've included a special code to give you $10 off tickets to THE DETECTIVE'S WIFE at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, Sept. 18 – Oct. 13, 2013. The fun doesn't stop there. Take the stamp we've included and stamp your logbook (or really any piece of paper will do). Hopefully you've brought your own stamp along. Please feel free to stamp our book and leave us a message.

Bring your stamped image to the theatre and show it to Milwaukee Chamber Theatre or Box Office staff member when you attend the show or buy tickets. For your trouble you'll receive an entry into a drawing for two subscriptions to the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre 2014- 2015 MCT season. Thanks so much for hunting with us!