Happy Hanukkah - Retired  LbNA # 65912 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 30 2013
LocationHebrew Rest Cemetery, Waco, TX
Found By topcrop
Last Found Dec 21 2013
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Info from Historical Marker: Jews settled in Waco in the 1850s. In 1869 the Hebrew Benevolent Association (HBA) was formed to assist the needy and provide interment in accordance with the laws and rites of Judaism. That year, the HBA acquired this property as a Jewish burial ground. It was named Hebrews' Rest. The first burial was of an 18-month old infant, Bessee Lyans, in July 1869. Hebrew Rest Cemetery was enlarged with purchases of additional land in 1893 and 1922. Many early leaders of Waco's Jewish community and prominent Wacoans are interred here.

Park at AFCA, 100 Legend Ln, Waco, TX. Walk out parking log and follow street to University Parks. Turn right and walk toward I-35. Just past the block wall is a metal pedestrian gate. Enter the cemetery.

This cemetery has paved sidewalks so you can just proceed ahead on the sidewalk to the marker for French. Box is behind this marker under a small rock and some leaves.