Farewell Rose  LbNA # 65928

Placed DateOct 3 2013
LocationMadison, WI
Found By TJ_Mich
Last Found Sep 15 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 15 2015

To find this letterbox, you will need to know the name of the marsh which is reported as the largest wetland in Dane County. Near this marsh is a subdivision of homes with the same name. In this subdivision, you will find a neighborhood park that overlooks the marsh area. This park also shares its name with the marsh. Go to the play area of this park.

Once at the play area, stand next to the spinning play structure that resembles a fungus and face the water. Notice a ring of "elders" in front of you which appear to be having a discussion with one elder left out. Between the group and the one, there is a bench. Sit upon the bench and look to your left. Again, you will notice another circle of "elders." Walk amongst this second group with your eyes cast downward. Look for the joined pair with a hollow at their base. The letterbox is placed as a tribute at the feet of this pair.