The Amazing Food Plate Adventure  LbNA # 65938

OwnerAlexis & Lizzy    
Placed DateSep 29 2013
LocationBurke Lake Park, Fairfax, VA
Found By M&D
Last Found Nov 28 2013
Hike Distance?

Must Do’s during trail:
• Whenever the train passes by you must wave to the people.
• Share the path with bikers and others.
• Complete every fitness station you pass by.

#1 Start from the entrance go to the parking lot by miniature golf course, carousel, play ground, train station and ice cream parlor. Then from far end of parking lot there is a “hidden” trail. Take trail and cross both sets of train tracks. When you reach the bench go left on the trail. Make sure you pass the amphitheatre. Just pass the amphitheatre on the right there are 2 giant down trees on top of each other parallel to the trail. At the further end of the 2nd down tree there is a spiky stump. Directly behind the spiky stump you’ll find the end of the down tree. The stamp is around there.

#2 Continue on the path. There will be a tree in the path. On the right there is a mini path to the waters edge. Follow the path and look to the right of the double tree. Take 6 steps to the right and search around the fallen split tree and you’ve found your 2nd stamp.

#3 Return to path. Continue walking you will find a gravel “bridge” with a fence to the left of it. Go to the further end of the fence and turn to your left. Take 10-15 steps then search around the tree. You will find your 3rd stamp under a concrete block.

#4 Return to path. 15 steps past the first mini trail there should be a broken tree twisted off its stump continue past it. You should pass the utility building on the right and 2 mini paths on the left. There should be a tree with a tall hole in it on the right that could fit a small child. 15 steps from that on the left should be a trail etiquette sign, READ IT! Go 46 steps past sign and turn directly right. Go to the tree with 3 trunks growing out of 1 stump. Look in between the trunks and you’ve got your 4th stamp!

#5 Return to path. There is a bench and overlook. Notice there is a tree covered in graffiti! That isn’t a good thing to do to a tree! It can kill it or damage it and trees are what keep us alive. Go complete and pass fitness stations 18, 17, 16 and 6. Before the path veers sharply to the left take the first hidden miniature path to the right (a rough path). Go down path 10 steps then go off path 10 steps to the right. There should be a fallen tree. At the base by the roots you should find your 5th stamp.

#6 Take the next path to the right and sit on the bench. Look at the nice view and talk to the ducks. Then continue on the main path and do and pass fitness stations 7, 15 and 8. You should pass next to a road between 15 and 8. Pass a tree on the right that’s missing bark all around the bottom, go a little bit past that and you’ll see mile marker 1 on the right and fitness station 14 on the left (do it). Find the bench further up the trail. Go to closest end of bench to you and take 10 steps backwards. Turn directly left and go 5 steps off the path. The stamp is around the tree. You’ve found you 6th stamp.

#7 Continue down path in same direction. Travel a ways down the path until you see another graffiti tree (should be big) on the right with another small graffiti growing off the root of the big one. Just past that tree there will be a large tree stump. About 10 steps off the trail behind the stump will be a tree. The stamp is behind the tree. Congratulations!