The Fox and the Owl at the Fire Tower  LbNA # 65939

OwnerThe Fox and the Owl    
Placed DateJul 28 2013
LocationParis Mountain, Greenville, SC
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Last EditedSep 18 2015

You will need a compass for this letterbox and you will want bug spray in the summer.

You begin your quest at the conclusion of the Fire Tower Trail, stop on the stairs of the remains of the old building.

“On the lookout for fire”, you will read on the sign, ironically though, the lookout burned down.

At the sign, set your compass for 140° and take five steps.

Head East for 9 paces.

A trail is closed just ahead, so to the right you must go.

Balance on the fallen logs until you find a square of concrete with a collection of wood in the middle.

Stop there and puzzle this odd spectacle, the remnants of something that may remain unknown.

Continuing in the same direction you’d travelled before, go around the large tree, which has littered the surrounding ground with pinecones.

Hop over a small log and travel until you must make a decision.

A left or a right on this old trail you must decide.

Right is wrong and left is right, and go in that direction for 33 paces.

Look for the fallen tree whose trunk still stands.

In this trunk you will find your treasure.