10 Years Began Here  LbNA # 65962

Placed DateOct 10 2013
LocationFranklin Cemetery, Mansfield, OH
Found By Praying Mantises
Last Found Jul 5 2014
Hike Distance?

You can find the cemetery on Franklin Church Road off of either SR 545 or SR 96 in Richland County. We were married here 10 years ago before the church congregation was moved to a new building on SR 96. The church building is here but it is now a home. The cemetery remains unchanged though. You can pull into either end of the U shaped drive to begin. Park on the part of the drive near the big brown sign for the cemetery.
Find the stone that reads Pugh Mother and Father on one side and Wolford Mother and Father on the other.

Stand in from of Pugh Mother and Father and pace 45 steps to a tall marble stone.

On it, the only legible words are the name Sarah Anne on the side facing what once was a church.

The box is next to Sarah Anne and under Rebecca's base.

Please slide the box back into it's hiding place carefully.