Bestiary  LbNA # 65999

Placed DateAug 22 2012
LocationLakewood Hills Park, White Bear Lake, MN
Found By Dartmoor Dreamer
Last Found Aug 22 2012
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This series was carved and planted by 3 letterboxing cousins (ages 9-12) for kids of all ages.

A "Beastiary" or "Beastiarum" is an illustrated collection of beasts. They were most popular in the Middle Ages. The beastiary summarized the knowledge about each animal and often featured a moral tale, giving every living thing its own meaning.

Be especially gentle with the cages and lock the animals up inside them when you're done.

Park in the parking lot at Lakewood Hills Park in White Bear Lake. The road that leads to the parking lot is off of Orchard Lane just past the YMCA.

Follow the road that's in the NW corner of the parking lot. The playground will be on your left, the pavilion and picnic tables on your right. Pass two pairs of twin trees on your left and take a gravel trail that angles off to the right.

1) Giraffa camelopardalis
Follow the gravel path.
Turn left at the wood-wrapped receptacle.
Stop at the weeping willow on your right.
Go under the weeping willow's branches.
With your back to the path, turn right and take a few steps to a big, multi-armed tree.
There is a hole in the topless arm -- don't put your head in it.
You'll find this first cage tucked between the main trunk and the topless arm.

This box has a very tiny logbook (you could skip stamping in if you'd like), and also a little moral tale, in the spirit of a beastiarum.

2) Pan troglodytes
Go on down the trail in the direction you were headed.
Pass the amphitheatre.
Stop where the path comes to a T, with at a bench on your left, a dock to your right.
Go straight across the trail and around behind the big pine, cutting between the pine and a single birch.
Hanging close to the trunk on the west side of the pine, you'll find Pan troglodytes.

3) Panthera tigris
Back on the path, take the trail in the opposite direction from the dock. Follow the trail up a hill to the right.
Pass a bench, admire the view.
Down a hill.
Across a wooden bridge.
Just a few steps off the bridge, turn right at a small double-trunk tree and take about 6 steps into the woods on a faint social trail.
Head to your right about 12 steps, looking for a multi-trunked (small trunks) tree on the left side of the trail. This beast is hidden at the base behind this jungle.

4) Loxodonta africana
Back to the path. Follow as it curves alongside the long fence.
Pass a wooden wall and two benches.
Just before the post labeled "12" and the cement tee, take a right onto a dirt trail.
Take a left off the trail when you get to the post marked "13."
Head down towards the watering hole to the basket made of chains.
Take a look at the tree to the SW - it has an open mouth on the other side. A long dead trunk points away from that mouth. Follow it up to where it reaches in two directions and you'll find the last beast tucked into the shade, waiting for a chance to go play in the water.

To get back to the parking lot, retrace your steps to the main trail at #12 and continue down the hill, past the playground and into the parking lot.