The Witch  LbNA # 66001

Placed DateOct 5 2012
LocationKaposia Park, South St. Paul, MN
Found ByDartmoor Dreamer
Last UpdateJul 27 2013
Hike Distance?

The Witch


From the parking lot, go past the left side of the log house.
Pass the cement pad tee.

Take a right where the dirt pass splits before it rises towards the clanking chain basket and before the black culvert.
Follow it around and left over another cement pad.

Go on until you reach the long steps.
Go down, go across, take an immediate left and follow the narrow track up along the ravine.
Stop when there are planks underfoot.

Turn left, facing the arch of a fallen tree. Step off the planks. Take about 17 steps and stand under the low arch.
Take about 17-20 careful, sliding steps to the last tree down at the bottom of the ravine.
Look in the root cave on the left side of the witch's tree's base. Watch your step - there's mischief afoot.