The Badger  LbNA # 66010

Placed DateOct 14 2013
LocationSante Fe Park, McCamey, TX
Found By Gryzzled Gryphon
Last Found Sep 8 2014
Hike Distance?

McCamey is named for George B. McCamey, whose 1925 wildcat well, discovering the McCamey Oil Field, brought about the oil boom in the region. In 1927 the McCamey Independent School District was formed. How or why the Badger came to be the school mascot is a mystery (at least to me). I couldn't find any information on it on the internet. The Badger is native to Wisconsin and not Texas but there is a Badger hiding in McCamey waiting to be found.

Enter Santa Fe Park and park in front of the Museum. Only open 1-4 Mon-Fri. Walk left past the old Santa Fe RR depot. Turn right and walk toward the old jail! From the jail observe the old machinery to your right. Walk toward the back of the machinery. Pass the first machine and walk between the two. When you are even with the large wheel look between the spokes. There is a large board 2x12 I think that spans the inside of the machine. The box is under that board. Please replace carefully.