Misheard Lyrics Series  LbNA # 66013

Placed DateOct 14 2013
LocationRobious Landing Park, Midlothian, VA
Found By paper trail
Last Found Oct 11 2014
Hike Distance?

Misheard Lyrics Series

3800 James River Road
Midlothian, VA 23113

Notes: This trek is mainly along the White Trail. Follow the white trail tags to ensure you stay on the correct trail. Towards the end of your trek you will eventually deviate to the Orange Trail but it will then put you back onto the White Trail. The beginning of your journey will take you pretty good way down the path before you reach the first letterbox of this series. It's a beautiful walk and the James River will present itself on the right of you for a good portion of your walk. There is a steep cliff along a good portion of this path too, so please be careful. Although your expedition along this trail can be utilized by strollers, it may become challenging in some areas due to tree roots and a few slight hills. Now w/ all of that said here are the clues!

Park in the last parking lot and walk toward the water- you will see a large sign: "Robious Landing Boat Slide Access" Start there. Take the path left of this sign. You know you are on the right path when a "Pedestrians Only" sign presents itself almost immediately. Follow the path and continue on over a foot bridge. Another foot bridge will present itself as well, cross it. Continue on path. You know you are heading in the right direction when you see metal stairs leading to a dock. We like to sit here and watch the boats pass by. Proceed down the trail. Cross the next bridge you come to. Notice the long and huge vines hanging and growing from the trees. So cool! Enjoy your stroll as well as the beautiful view of the water! Keep following path. You will arrive at an unmarked boat landing, cross over the boat landing path to the path straight ahead. You will be on this path for a bit before the next landmark -- a bench. Venture on and you will see a white trail marker on a tree to the RIGHT - 26 steps from this tree and along the path-side you will see a big tree leaning towards and over the path. 20 steps from this bent tree you can see a large bumpy tree. Behind this bumpy tree and into the woods you will see a few trees w/ large vines hanging and growing from them. These vines are so cool! Locate a large vine growing out of the ground and connected to a tree. Look under the base of this huge vine and this is where you will find BOX#1.

BOX#1 & BOX#2 are a good ways away from each other.

Hop back on the path. You will be on the path for a ways, you'll eventually see a bridge on the RIGHT -walk passed this bridge and stay on path. This path will take you to a "Y" intersection -- proceed to the RIGHT of the "Y", this path will have quite a few twists and turns. To reassure that you are still on the right route a large tree w/ a large den will be path-side on the LEFT. Head down the trail for a ways. You will approach another "Y" intersection- follow to the RIGHT. On this path you will derive at wooden posts on both sides of the trail and further down you will come to a 4-way-crossing- travel straight ahead. Once you are on this path you will see bench down the trail. From the bench you will see a bridge. Cross this bridge and at the end take 3 steps off and turn RIGHT into the woods. This will lead you to the underside of the bridge. BOX#2 is tucked away underneath, on the RIGHT side.

Hop back on the path you were on and take the next LEFT off the path -- you will also see a post w/ an Orange Path-Tag-Dot across from this path, indicating that you will be now be on the Orange Trail. Once you are on this trail the bridge you just crossed will be on your LEFT. As you travel down the path you will see many short tree stumps path-side. Keep your eyes open on the RIGHT for an orange path-tag-dot on a tree. After this tree look into the woods to spot a 3ft tall tree stump- BOX#3 is located inside.

Hop back on the path and continue on. There will be a thin tree in the path. From this tree you should see a large pine tree along the left side of the path. From the pine tree you can see an even larger tree w/ vines hanging from it. BOX#4 is behind this tree w/ a large rock and sticks and leaves.

Continue on the path, you will pass a bridge. This bridge and path should look familiar, as this was the path you started on. You are now back on the White path and headed back to the Robious Landing Access sign.

Feel free to contact me about my boxes. Especially, if they are in need of repair.