Batter Up!  LbNA # 66015 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerLock, Shock & Barrel    
Placed DateOct 15 2013
LocationWest Allis, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found May 10 2014
Hike Distance?

Letterbox Name: Batter Up!
Location: West Allis, WI
Distance: Drive-by

A few years ago, I had the good fortune to take a job in Milwaukee. But the move presented me with a problem concerning Wednesdays. See, Wednesday is the day each week when new comic books arrive in comic shops across the U.S. And I had a comic shop that I dutifully visited each Wednesday on my lunch break, so that I could see what new titles (and potential stamp images) had arrived.

So I needed to find a new shop, in the Milwaukee area. I was very fortunate to find Collector's Edge Comics. And you can be fortunate, too, because I've got a letterbox waiting in one of their four locations.

Just find the smallest store, "but the one with the biggest heart".

When you go, ask whoever's working behind the counter for a box that's being held under the name...

Well, there's the small challenge, right? You'll need the name. So find answers to the following questions, pull out the right four letters, and ask for the box using that name!

1) What is the name of the comic, published by Image Comics, that tells of the adventures of a beautiful cyborg assasin caught in a futuristic battle between two warring societies?

2) What is the award-winning comic series, written by Bill Willingham, that features characters including Snow White, Rose Red, and the Big Bad Wolf?

3) What comic from Devils Due Publishing features a devil girl from Sheol, doing "Heaven's dirty work"?

4) What comic, created by author and artist Tim Seeley, features a "slasher slayer" and her partner Vlad?

To determine the name under which the box is being held, pull out the following:

1) The 3rd letter from answer #1
2) The 2nd letter from answer #2
3) The 4th letter from answer #3
4) The 4th letter from answer #4

Once you've got that name, just ask at the counter. Enjoy!